Jenny Meyer from Bridle Ridge Gaited Horses

Zeke has a God-given gift to read a horse and human extremely well. In my opinion, a GREAT teacher is someone who realizes when you’re not quite understanding or getting the concept of something and they will think of another way to present it and be patient in helping you to understand it. Zeke does that and does it well. He is very patient with both human and horse...

Hundreds of customers from all over the United States and Germany have shown us their trust by putting their horses in for training, taking lessons, and participating at clinics. Find out why they chose Zacharias Horsemanship to help them with their horse.  Zeke's patience, teaching skills, and ability to read one's body language will help you reach a level of confidence through communication  that will create a trusting and respectful relationship between you and your horse.   

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.
G. MacDonald
Sharyn Rohde, WI

Zeke, getting to know you has been a blessing. I am so excited and thankful for the relationship I have with my horse since she and we, together spent time with you. The change in her was remarkable. She went from a wild-eyed freak to a calm, confident horse that can think instead of react. She came back from training with you with skills I never could have imagined. Then, when I attended your clinic and learned how to be a better leader and be more clear and consistent with my cues and my communication, it's a perfect package! You've made her a better horse and me a better horseman. God blessed you with a gift...keep sharing it. Thanks!
Erin Mabry and her Horse Buster

Buster quickly grew out of the sweet innocent foal stage and into a sneaky, clever, yearling. By the time he turned two he was even trickier, but you couldn't help but love him. My mom was very hesitant to let me keep him and ride him because we were both young. So we brought Buster up to be trained by Zeke and I took a weekly lesson. 
Thanks Zeke for all you've done for Buster and for me!

Jane Tabor and her Horse Daisy

Daisy is responsive, attentive, gentle, and a joy to be around. It is with great appreciation that I can now ride safely again. With the horsemanship that I have been learning, it becomes a new experience every time I am with my horses. The love and trust that I share with my horses now is unbelievable. 
Thank you Zeke, for all that you have done for me and my horses. 

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Get an impression of what a Zeke Zacharias Horsemanship Clinic is like! Zeke takes time for each client to explain every question in a very vivid and humorous way! Check out our newest pictures

Zacharias Horsemanship
Adair, OK - Phone: 405-757-5157
Theresa Lewis, WI

"You're someone who doesn't compromise on being the person only you could be, someone who doesn't hold back on sharing the gifts only you can give"

Dear Zeke,
As a former teacher I must compliment your abilities to get the point across. You have a gift for doing it well!
The time spent with you has been enjoyable.
Thanks for all of your hard work!
Zacharias Horsemanship now relocated to Pryor, OK

We are excited to announce that we are moving to a new state of the art facility in Pryor, OK. Due to the change in business new slots have now opened up! If you have been wanting to get your horse trained by Zeke, this is now your chance! 
View facility here...