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Horses Just Wanna Have Fun!

At Horses Just Wanna Have Fun new ideas and products are developed to enhance your creativity, confidence and comfort which creates an environment to enrich your relationship with your horse.  
Bridle Ridge Gaited Horses

Tim and Jen Meyer from Cameron, WI raise and sell Missouri Foxtrotting Horses. Their mission is to promote the Missouri Fox Trotter breed with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. They breed to achieve the true characteristics of the breed including natural foxtrot, great disposition, correct conformation, and a little color to complete the package.
Extreme Cowboy Association

Zeke has been participating at EXCA Races for over two years. Find out about the event and what it is all about!
Cinch Chix LLC

Home of The Cinch Net™ (Patent Pending)
University Proven to reduce hay waste from 57% to 6.3%
Craig Johnson Reining Program D.I.Y.R.T.

The MOST complete do it yourself reining training program available. Zeke has been part of Million dollar rider Craig Johnson's innovative D.I.Y.R.T. program™. Do It Yourself Reining Training.

Farrier Service
Do your horse's hooves have cracks, flares, under run heels, thin soles, foundered or unbalanced feet?
Or maybe you just need a good reliable farrier with horse savvy to keep your horses feet looking healthy year around? 
Check out our farrier page and call Zeke Zacharias for Professional Hoof Care: 405-757-5157
A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.
Heraclites of Ephesus
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Introducing informative, fun, and useful websites that can help you get ahead in your horsemanship. Enjoy!

​Check out our picture gallery to get a first impression of Zeke and Zacharias Horsemanship! Set up an appointment with Zeke to come and visit or call and talk to Zeke personally about your situation!

Phone: 405-757-5157
Zeke Zacharias,  Horse Trainer and Farrier