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A horse is like a mirror, it reflects what you put into it.

Here at Zacharias Horsemanship,  you and your horse's success is our goal! 

Do you want your horse to be relaxed, respectful, and responsive? Whether you have recreational or competitive goals, good horsemanship and training is vital. 

Find out how ​we can help you reach a level of confidence through exercises that will create a trusting and respectful relationship between you and your horse. 

We start each horse on the ground so that we can see what the horse needs. We then begin to build a relationship of trust through groundwork exercises that makes sense to the horse. 

Once the horse understands the ground work, we advance the communication through our riding exercises. The horse becomes a willing and dependable partner that will make you feel safe and in control.

Bad habits like rearing, bucking, bolting, biting, kicking, etc. will disappear as the relationship of respect and trust is built.

Recommended amount of training for most horses is three months or longer depending on your goals.

Example of ground work and riding exercises used in training

Ground Work Exercises 

  •   Picking up their feet
  •   Leading respectful
  •   Lateral flexion
  •   Lunging 
  •   De-sensitizing 
  •   Bathing
  •   Yield the fore/hind quarters
  •   Backing
  •   Trailer Loading
  •   Saddling and bridling
  •   Side passing
  •   Jumps
  •   Water Crossing
  •   And much more

Riding Exercises 

  • Quiet Mounting
  • Hind quarter yield
  • Shoulder yield
  • Transitions 
  • Walk, trot, canter on a loose rein
  • Guiding patterns
  • Circles
  • Stop and back up
  • Side passing
  • Leg yields
  • Lead departures
  • Turn on haunches
  • Rollbacks
  • Spins
  • Collection
  • Suppling exercises 
  • Neck reining
  • Trail obstacles
  • Trail riding
  • etc.
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Zacharias Horsemanship
Adair, OK - Phone: 405-757-5157
​Check out our picture gallery to see Zeke and Sid Zacharias in action! Set up an appointment to come visit or call and talk to Zeke personally about your situation!

Phone: 405-757-5157

Here are a few horses that have been in training with Zacharias HOrsemanship.
Results depend on the individual horse as well as the amount of time spent in training.

Zacharias Horsemanship is now located at Joyful Noise Farm in Pryor, OK 

We are excited to announce that we moved to a new state of the art facility in Pryor, OK. Due to the change in business new slots have now opened up! If you have been wanting to get your horse trained by Zeke, this is now your chance! 
View facility here...

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Zeke Zacharias riding FeLeena, AQHA Black Ranch Horse
Sid Zacharias riding "Oh For Heaven Sake" Lola
Zeke Zacharias riding Ford, a BLM Mustang from the wild. This video shows what can be done in a few months with these magnificent horses.​​
Sid Zacharias riding Sage, a BLM 2013 Mustang Million Finalist.