Lessons, Colt Starting, Problem Solving, and Foundation Training for the Performance Horse

Zeke starts each horse on the ground so that he can see what the horse needs. He then begins to build a relationship of trust through communication that makes sense to the horse. Once the horse understands the ground work, they advance the communication through riding excercises. The horse becomes a willing and dependable partner that you will enjoy being around. Bad habits like rearing, bucking, bolting, biting, kicking, etc. will disappear as the relationship of respect, and trust continues to build.
Zacharias Horsemanship now relocated to Pryor, OK

We are excited to announce that we moved to a new state of the art facility in Pryor, OK. Due to the change in business new slots have now opened up! If you have been wanting to get your horse trained by Zeke, this is now your chance! 

Farrier Service

Do your horse's hooves have cracks, flares, under run heels, thin soles, foundered or unbalanced feet?
Or maybe you just need a good reliable farrier with horse savvy to keep your horses feet looking healthy year around?

Call Zeke Zacharias for Professional Hoof Care 405-757-5157
Our own Training Equipment

We are proud to present our own training equipment! Ask Zeke about our halters and leadropes as well as pads or boots for your horse.
News & Events

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Zacharias Horsemanship
Adair, OK - Phone: 405-757-5157
Zeke and Rescue Horse Sangria win Champion!

What a success! On August 25th, the 2012 Trainer's Challenge of the Unwanted Horse was held at the Louise Leatherdale Equine Center at the University of Minnesota. It was there, before a panel of judges, that 22 trainers demonstrated how they took a horse that no one wanted - a horse that came to them untrained and inexperienced - and turned it into a willing companion. We are so proud of Zeke and and Sangria placing 1st!

Brothers win $29,000 at Mustang Million 2013 in Fort Worth, TX!

Zeke and his brother Sid Zacharias participated at the Mustang Million in Fort Worth, TX, in September 2013. Each trainer had 120 days to train a wild mustang and then compete in a week long competition for a million dollar purse. After 5 classes only the top 20 riders would be in the finals. There were 200 trainers in their division and the competition was tough. How exciting that they both made it to the finals! Together they won a total of $29,000. Congratulations Zeke and Sid! View pictures and a video here... 

Video of Mustang Renegade

Calico Renegade is Zeke's 2013 Mustang Million Horse. Zeke is very proud of this horse and has enjoyed the journey. Renegade has sold recently.  
Click here to watch video...
Sid Zacharias now training at Joyful Noise Farm in Pryor, OK!

Friends and clients, its official. Sid Zacharias is now training at Joyful Noise Farm in Pryor, OK, too! He works alongside his brother Zeke to promote Zacharias Horsemanship together. They are very excited for their future together. 

Video of Zeke and Bozo 

Zeke has had his horse Bozo since he was 13 years old. They have learned so much over the years and have been a great inspiration to many! We hope their relationship will inspire you to pursue the goals you have for you and your horse. 
At  Zacharias Horsemanship, you and your horse's success is our goal! 

Find out how ​we can help you reach a level of confidence through exercises that will create a trusting and respectful relationship between you and your horse. Read more...

​Check out our picture gallery to get an impression of Zacharias Horsemanship! Set up an appointment to come and visit or call and talk to the trainers personally about your situation!

Phone: 405-757-5157
Sid Zacharias and his 2014 Mustang "Durango the Kid" 

Zeke Zacharias riding BLM Mustang "Ford" and his son Stetson. 

New Videos showing the excellent work of Zacharias Horsemanship

Zeke Zacharias riding Ford, a BLM Mustang from the wild. This video shows what can be done in a few months with these magnificent horses.​

Sid Zacharias riding Sage, a BLM 2013 Mustang Million Finalist.